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There are many different types of real estate transactions. Probate sales is one type of transaction. Working with a professional who knows, specializes and understands the delicate way in handling of this type of property sale is always the best option when choosing a Real Estate agent. Brent Wilk of Wilk Real Estate is your Chicago Area Probate Professional.

Probate and Estate sales can be complex sales. There are court appearances, consistent contact with the probate attorney, village or city compliance/inspections as well as a strong need to be a strong negotiator working with all offers. There is a need for years of experience in probate and estate sales in handling with the family’s heirs and their financial future.

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Why do I stand out amongst other realtors in selling Probate and Estate Sales?  Experience and professionalism. I’m the direct face of my company being the founder of Wilk Real Estate. All real estate transactions lean on my shoulders to close. I’m a customer service oriented person who has strong communication skills, I work with a great supporting team and offer a State of the Art marketing plan when looking to sell your home.

I work with professionals in the real estate industry who can assist with the planning of the sale of your property. There are lawyers, inspectors, contractors and home stagers that are a few choice professions in the industry that I can recommend the use of services for.

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